Clarence L. Elder



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Clarence L. Elder


The Energy-Saving "Occustat"

Head of his own research and development firm in Baltimore, Clarence Elder was awarded a patent in 1976 for a monitoring and control energy conservation system.  His "Occustat" is designed to reduce energy waste in temporarily vacant homes and other buildings, and may be especially valuable for motels and hotels.  The system consists of connecting each energy unit to an electronic beam attached to the building entrance to monitor incoming and outgoing occupants.  When the house or apartment is empty of people, the beam sets the Occustat system into motion, reducing energy demand and achieving energy saving up to 30 percent.

Elder and his associates also have developed other systems and devices for which they have received 12 U.S. and foreign patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Born in Georgia, and graduated from Morgan State College, Elder was awarded a plaque at the New York International Patent Exposition in 1969 for "Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Electronics."